The world needs Jesus. I am finding that most people desire grace and love instead of instruction and judgement.
I want to be a person who shows compassion, is authentic, and…reflects the heart of Jesus. I have EXPERIENCED God’s love for me like never before due to my personal struggles. Finally, I am now able to admit all of my sin before the Lord and others. I experienced His forgiveness and I have found His Amazing Grace. 

How can I be less passionate now about sharing the good news? How can I not use my experiences and tell others about the love of Jesus Christ? How can I not continue to partner with my ministry friends in Uganda, Tanzania, Honduras, and around the world as they share Jesus and meet people’s needs?

“I am not moved by what I see. I am not moved by what I feel. I am moved by what I believe.” - Smith Wigglesworth 

God has graciously redeemed and restored my life. I have a godly wife and we are partnering together in ministry. Together we walk in Grace and Obedience and enjoy a passionate love relationship with Jesus. It is such a privilege to serve God, love others and GO Overflow. I pray that God will continue to teach me to LOVE, and daily I will focus on GRACE (the love of God that empowers me) and my OBEDIENCE (my heart’s desire to obey in His love). I know that God’s hand is upon me. I still have much to learn but here am I Lord, send me-again!