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Evangelism and Discipleship


The foundation of everything we do is rooted in Christ’s commandment to all believers in Matthew 28:19-20, known as the Great Commission. We believe that the call to “make disciples” goes beyond sharing the truth of the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross. While our eternal destiny is changed the moment we accept the free gift He offers, our relationship with our Father truly develops as we learn to hear His voice, understand His Word (the Bible), and develop a daily, passionate relationship with Him. The process of discipleship is one all believers are called to model, and we know someone has become a true disciple when replication takes place-and they themselves are disciple-makers This is the heart of GO Overflow, and it guides every project we oversee, every trip we take, indeed every element of our ministry. We truly PARTNER with organizations, ministries, and communities because we desire to go deep-meeting long-term spiritual and physical needs.

Livelihood Projects

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    In Tanzania, GO Overflow has leased 10 acres of land, and already it has been plowed and planted with our first season of crops! We partner with Africompassion Organization, led by Jerald Malamba, in the Masa region. People in the village of Kogaja are now working and providing for their families, and profit from the sale of this season's crops will be used to to fund the following season, as well as fund ministry projects. As the agriculture projects expand even more people will be blessed, creating economically empowered individuals, families and communities!

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    Lydia's Living Seeds

    We met Lydia in Uganda, and like so many women in Africa, she had been abused and abandoned by her husband. He took her home and children, forcing her out on the street. Although she worked hard for 14 hours a day, she was earning less than $1 per day. Despite her desperate situation, Lydia continued to trust God 100%, praying and believing he would help her. Go Overflow partnered with Lydia, and she became the owner of a food store within her community, allowing her to sell local staples such as rice, beans, maize, and ground nuts to produce a monthly profit of $200. Stores can be opened for approximately $2000 each, and several individual store owners can rent affordable housing together, pooling their resources to keep monthly expenses for each as low as possible.

    The lives of these ladies are transformed as they provide for their families, and are empowered through the opportunity to ultimately own and manage their business. This is a model of physical and spiritual transformation, as dignity and hope are restored.

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    Chickens for Change

    Chicken coop projects offer a lucrative business that can potentially produce an excellent profit; currently one of our partners in Kampala, Uganda is successfully running a coop with 1000 chickens, which produces a yield of approximately 850 eggs per day!

    We met a Christian lady named Leticia in Uganda, and she heard about our business ventures and felt led to GIVE land she owned to GO Overflow, in order to bless the community. She and her family are not wealthy, but when God spoke to them they were obedient to his call. We too feel called to continue the miracle that God initiated, and will seek to build additional coops and purchase chickens. Eggs produced will be sold for profit, as well as given to the poor within the community. This cycle of blessing opens doors to share the gospel and make disciples!

Ministry Initiatives

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    Pregnancy Centers


    Women who become pregnant in extremely poor communities are often strongly coerced by their husband or boyfriend to abort their baby. With limited resources, fear of being kicked out of their home, and often other children to care for as well, these women find themselves with few options. We provide opportunity for women to know their is hope, as they receive counseling, prenatal care, delivery of their baby, postnatal care/follow up, and vocational job training. Through the entire process and relationship with these ladies, they are shown the unconditional love of Jesus.

    We are excited to partner with the Latter Glory Clinic, located outside of Kampala, Uganda. Clinic Director Cathy Birungi has worked in ministry within her local community for several years. In addition to offering hope and medical support to women who are pregnant and in need, the clinic provides family medical care, pediatrics, orthopedics, and dental within the community.

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    Slum Ministry

    Orphaned and vulnerable children in the area of Kampala, Uganda often find themselves living on the streets, alone and hungry. Their hope for the future of all these children is bleak, and in addition young girls are at risk to fall prey to prostitution as a means of survival. Our partner ministry African Hearts Community Organization has been meeting these needs since 2001 through feeding in the slums, shelter through two children’s homes, medical treatment, education, and the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Their regular outreach activities in the slums provide basic elements of care, and they also give opportunities to earn income through the development of the Royalle Brass band, where boys living in the children’s homes learn to play instruments and are hired to perform at local community events. Please learn more about their unique ministry, as GO Overflow continues to support their work, and looks to expand the impact for children in need. Learn about the African Hearts Girls' Home Project.

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    Schools/Child Sponsorships

    Unfortunately, there are a large number of children in our target communities who are either orphans, or live in poverty with family members who are not able to provide school fees. GO Overflow partners with local ministries and schools to provide support through finances, enrichment projects, and individual child sponsorships. Some of our partners include Amazing Grace Primary School, God’s Favour Primary School, and Grace Villa Kabale. If you are interested in sponsoring a child in Uganda or Belize, go to our “Heart to Heart” Child Sponsorship page. You will find details about a child in need, including a photo, specific circumstances, and you will be able to commit to a monthly support level.

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    Medical Clinics

    Access to basic medical care is a need in so many communities, whether due to financial constraints, a limited number of qualified providers, or both. Various medical practitioners (both Mission team members and local physicians) will work within communities, identifying individuals in need of primary medical care, including HIV and Malaria testing and treatment. Potential patients receive thorough assessment, necessary medications, and instructions on preventative care. Meeting these very crucial needs will once again allow GO Overflow team members the opportunity to share the love and grace of Jesus with those who come seeking physical help.

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    Water Wells

    In the village of Kogaja, there is a small stream of water that forms a pool, and during the rainy season this is the only location where villagers-and those in surrounding villages-can come for water. This one water source becomes the location for livestock to drink, motorcycles to be washed, and yes, drinking water to be obtained! It was shocking to see people drink directly from this stream without boiling the water. It's not shocking to learn that local children are dying from Cholera, Typhoid and Schistosomiasis. Read more about how we help.

Mission Trips


We believe that a mission trip should be as impactful and life changing for the team members who GO OUT as it is for those who we seek to serve. The partnership should not be just for the week or so of the actual mission-a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ for everyone is the ultimate goal! This vision drives the structure of GO Overflow trips, from preparation through continued connection after our return.

All missions will include evangelism and discipleship training, while specific holistic projects may vary. These details will be clearly presented so you can select the mission that you feel God's leading to join.

We also want our trips to be relaxing and fun! There will be opportunities to see the area and experience local culture, and in addition, we will offer optional excursions after the mission is concluded for those who are interested.

Check out our upcoming Mission Trips for more information.